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16 Online Origami Class Companies for Team Building

Here is our list of the best online origami class companies.

Online origami class companies are services that organize origami workshops and arrange a host who specializes in this traditional Japanese art. These workshops usually take place via video conferencing apps like Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams. Examples include Scarlett Entertainment, KraftyLab, and Kami Paper. The purpose of these companies is to help make accessing an origami expert easier for folks wishing to learn and improve on the art.

The classes by these companies are great virtual team building activities that can improve virtual employee engagement. The classes are good examples of online group activities, social ideas, and virtual team meeting ideas.

This list includes:

  • free online origami courses
  • virtual origami team building events
  • online origami lessons for beginners
  • Zoom paper folding classes

So, let’s get started!

List of online origami class companies

You will find many origami companies and platforms featuring both paid and free origami classes. From Origami Spirit to Papershake Origami, here are the best companies offering online origami classes.

1. Origami With Mana

Origami With Mana is one of the best online origami lessons for beginners. The 90-minute lesson is excellent for family-friendly gatherings as well as corporate events. However, you can only reserve the experience on Airbnb. A Japanese host in Tokyo will teach you the skills required to make basic origami designs. You and your colleagues will use a traditional Japanese paper called “washi.” Plus, the paper is available in various designs and prints.

The instructions are easy to follow and perfect for participants at all skill levels. Also, the host provides flexible services to support different clients’ specific needs when possible. Furthermore, the host entertains attendees with historical facts about origami. In 2020, Origami With Mana gained recognition from Airbnb Experiences as one of the most booked Japanese online experiences.

Learn more about Origami With Mana.

2. ClassBento Origami Classes

ClassBento is a famous platform featuring live-streamed workshops, including origami classes. The featured origami hosts on this platform include The Eclectic Chic Boutique and Jennifer Linderman Art. In The Eclectic Chic Boutique’s class, you can have up to 75 group members attend. The teacher will show you how to create fun shapes, ranging from animals to flowers. But if you have a specific experience or art you would love to learn, then you can arrange a custom workshop with the teachers.

Depending on the class you book, you can add an origami kit to your reservation or run the experience as a BYO paper. ClassBento origami classes will run for about one hour. Also, the pricing varies for different hosts.

Learn more about ClassBento Origami Classes.

3. The Art of Origami Jumpie

Jumpie features “The Art of Origami Level One,” one of the best online origami lessons for beginners. The course contains 15 lessons lasting for about 96 minutes. The best part is that you can enroll in the lessons for free and access the instructions anytime. All you need for the experience are a pen or pencil, scissors, pieces of paper, and a scale.

After taking this video-based online course, you can make simple crafts like animals, furniture, hearts, and airplanes. If you already know basic origami skills or took level one lessons, then you can check out level two and three courses. However, these later courses are not free.

Learn more about The Art of Origami by Jumpie.

4. Skillshare

Skillshare is a platform where you can access various origami art and instructors. The platform offers a free trial for seven days. The classes are in the form of pre-recorded videos you can watch to create various arts, from animals and flowers to spinning tops. For example, you can check out the class taught by Katelyn Prince to make an origami frog that actually jumps.

The Original Creation House is also one of the teachers on this platform, teaching students how to create figures like dragons, dinosaurs, and rabbits. Most of the videos by this artist have an average of 12 minutes duration. If your group would love to make origami flowers in the form of roses, tulips, or Iris, then you can take the “origami basics” class taught by Kevin Hutson. Other origami artists featured on Skillshare include Cloudia David, Rana Yared, and Vikash Kumar.

For most of these classes, you and your group members can participate even without prior experience.

Learn more about Skillshare.

5. Origami for Any Age and Level

Origami for Any Age and Level is one of Airbnb’s most fun origami experiences. This class is perfect if you are new to creating origami art. The instructor will teach the basics for folding paper in various shapes, such as flowers, animals, and objects. Also, the techniques taught in this class include traditional origami, kusudama, and tesselation.

The pricing for private groups starts at around $80. Furthermore, the host can customize the class to fit your experience level and needs. At the end of 60 minutes, you and your group will be able to create fun origami art without any guidance. All you need for this class is paper, scissors, and a pencil.

Learn more about Origami for Any Age and Level.

6. Rockitfish Virtual Origami

Rockitfish hosts fun virtual origami workshops ideal for teams with ten or more members. During the session, you and your colleagues will learn how to make up to three origami figures.

The host uses a dual camera to capture the folding and designing process. Thus, you can rest assured that you and your colleagues will have a good and clear view of the activity. The host designed this class to be engaging and relaxing. Aside from learning a new skill, you also gain insights into how origami connects with mindfulness and positively impacts the nervous system.

Learn more about Rockitfish Virtual Origami.

7. Kat McDowell’s Origami Class

Kat McDowell is an award-winning songwriter who is also passionate about origami art. The artist focuses on using origami as a therapy and comfort for the participants. Kat McDowell’s career as a Zoom origami artist started after she released a song titled “1000 Paper Cranes” in remembrance of her Japanese grandmother.

Kat McDowell’s origami workshop usually takes place for 60 minutes. You and your team will create an average of four origami figures. The artist’s website features a five-minute tutorial on easy butterfly origami. You can check out this video to see Kat McDowell’s teaching style before booking her virtual service.

Learn more about Kat McDowell’s Origami Class.

8. KraftyLab

KraftyLab organizes one of the most fun virtual origami team building events. This 60-minute workshop is fully hands-on and engaging. The class is ideal for various corporate events, including client appreciation, virtual offsites, and virtual team building. You can run the experience on Zoom or any virtual platform your group prefers.

After booking, the company will send an origami kit to the participants’ respective addresses. Also, a dedicated instructor will be available to lead your group throughout the session. However, the workshop can only accommodate a small group, preferably teams with a maximum of 25 members. This workshop by KraftyLab focuses on teaching basic two and three-dimensional folding techniques. The pricing for the events starts at around $420.

Learn more about KraftyLab.

9. Toshiko’s Origami Masterclass

Toshiko’s Origami Masterclass is one of the fun experiences featured on Indytute’s platform. You can rest assured that you will experience no boredom during the class. An expert will give you easy instructions on how to fold and design the paper. In the end, you will have several designs you can keep or even gift to a friend.

The class will run for one hour. To participate, you will need a good internet connection and knowledge of how to navigate through Zoom. However, the host can only take the class for one participant or household.

Learn more about Toshiko’s Origami Masterclass.

10. Scarlett Entertainment

Scarlett Entertainment hosts interactive Zoom paper folding classes. A professional origami artist will guide your group through this fun experience. During the event, your team will learn the basics of origami. In addition, the host can take this origami workshop in Japanese and Italian.

By the end of the one-hour session, you and your colleagues will have around three origami models you created yourselves. You can run this class during your conference break or as a team building event. Furthermore, you can have the class customized to fit a theme you have in mind or a particular season.

Learn more about Scarlett Entertainment.

11. Origami Resource Center

Origami Resource Center is among the companies that provide free online origami courses. This center features “Origami Basics,” a free online course that covers all you need to know as a beginner in the art. This course features easy-to-understand explanations of the lines, symbols, and arrows used in origami designs. If you become familiar with these symbols, then you can learn basic origami folds, such as pleat, rabbit ear, and outside reverse fold.

The course also contains information on common origami bases, how to make different shapes, and how to divide paper. By the end of the course, you will be able to design and fold simple models. Origami Resource Center also provides free origami instructions for various holidays, including Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year.

Learn more about Origami Resource Center.

12. Kami Paper

Kami Paper is one of the best online origami class companies. The origami classes are perfect for both kids and adults. You can learn how to make unique kabuki and kimono designs on a virtual conferencing platform. Before your events, the host will send a craft kit containing all you need, including Chiyogami paper, Italian envelopes, and Italian cards. But you can choose to bring your own paper instead.

Although beginners can participate in the class, this origami workshop is ideal for participants with basic knowledge of origami. If you have kids participating in the workshop, then you can opt for the forest or ocean-themed origami session. Most of Kami’s origami workshop runs for 90 minutes. Also, the maximum number of students allowed in the class range from 25 to 30 participants, depending on the specific experience.

Learn more about Kami Paper.

13. Taro’s Origami

Taro’s Origami has a team of trained instructors who lead the origami sessions. Before folding papers, an instructor will entertain your group with origami’s history and the art’s relevance in today’s world. The entire experience will run for one hour.

The class pricing starts at about $40 per participant. However, you can enjoy discounts if you have a larger group. The workshop will hold via Zoom. After booking, a staff member will share a Zoom class code you can send to other attendees. In addition, you get to choose how you prefer the papers delivered to you and your team based on your budget and level of convenience. The company can deliver all the needed origami paper to you as a bulk order or send the package to each participant’s address. Taro’s Origami can equally customize the paper packages to each attendee’s preference. This origami class is ideal for participants at any skill level.

Learn more about Taro’s Origami.

14. Papershake Origami

Papershake Origami organizes informational and engaging virtual origami team building events. The company can accommodate small and large groups. Also, you can have the experience customized to suit your group’s needs. Michael Trew, the workshop’s host, has decades of experience in origami art and worked with top companies like Trustpilot, Microsoft, and Intel.

Papershake Origami designed the workshops with beginners in mind. You can choose different origami models to make, from decorations to animals and toys. After a 60-minute session, you and your colleagues will have five to eight origami models to show off to friends. Also, the hosts can customize the event’s length to your preference. Papershake Origami supports several video conferencing software, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype. All you need to participate is a good internet connection and A4 or printed paper. You can also have the company organize and send origami kits to your group members.

Learn more about Papershake Origami.

15. Resobox

Resobox virtual origami workshop is among the most fun Zoom paper folding classes. A live instructor will take you and your group through this virtual activity. Talo Kawasaki, the class host, is famous for creating an origami action model called “Patty Bat.” The model stands out for making realistic sounds with the flapping wings made of paper. Also, Talo Kawasaki contributed to the design of the origami holiday tree at the American Museum of Natural History, which measured around 13 feet.

After arranging a day and time for your class, you and other participants will receive a Zoom link. The class pricing starts at around $25 per participant. Also, the lesson will take place for about 90 minutes.

Learn more about Resobox.

16. Origami Spirit

Origami Spirit offers free video tutorials with detailed instructions to make origami designs. The tutorials are available for different goals, whether to create animals or learn geometric origami. If you are just starting the art, then you can check out the origami tutorial for beginners. This course teaches how to make simple origami figures like boxes, birds, boats, and frogs.

If you already have basic knowledge of origami but just want to have fun or watch origami-related journals, then you can check out the origami videos with no tutorials.

Learn more about Origami Spirit.


Doing online origami is a fun way to relax and spend time with your team. Aside from having fun, you get to master a new skill you can show off to friends. However, you will need an expert to lead you through the activity, especially if you are new to the art. Origami companies make accessing instructions on the art a lot easier. Through these companies, you will meet experts who can guide you thoroughly in return for payment for their services. But if you cannot afford to pay the fee, then you will also find free online courses on origami. These free courses usually feature pre-recorded origami-making tutorials. Whether you opt for paid or free lessons, consider the best online class that fits your group’s skill level.

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FAQ: Online origami classes

Here are answers to questions about online origami class companies.

What are online origami class companies?

Online origami class companies are services that offer fun origami lessons via a virtual conferencing app or pre-recorded videos. Also, the company can be a platform featuring tons of paper-folding classes by various hosts.

What are some companies that offer virtual origami classes?

Companies offering virtual origami classes include Kami Paper, Origami Spirit, KraftyLab, Scarlett Entertainment, ClassBento, Resobox, Origami Resource Center, Taro’s Origami, and Rockitfish.

How do you do a Zoom origami class?

To do a Zoom origami class, first look for an expert to guide you. You can ask a teammate who is pretty good with the art to lead the experience. Otherwise, consider using the service of an online origami company. The company will provide a host to teach you how to fold and design different figures. The number of origami models you create will depend on the class duration and the service you hire. Also, most of the hosted classes include a short history of origami and the art’s significance in Japan.

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