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23 Unique Company Retreat Ideas in San Jose, CA

Here is our list of the best company retreat ideas in San Jose, California.

Company retreat ideas in San Jose are fun ways to spend time out of the office for a day or longer. Examples include relaxing at The Garden Spa, exploring Evergreen Farmers’ Market, and spending the day at Japantown. The purpose of these ideas is to encourage team bonding, promote relaxation, and prevent burnout at work.

These suggestions are examples of company retreat venues and team retreat activities. These activities are similar to company outings in San Jose and things to do with groups in San Jose.

This list includes:

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  • corporate retreat ideas for small groups in San Jose
  • company retreat entertainment ideas in San Jose
  • company retreat locations in San Jose
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Let’s get started!

List of company retreat ideas in San Jose

Many fun opportunities are readily available in San Jose for corporate groups. From hiking the trails at Almaden Quicksilver County Park to touring the Winchester Mystery House, here are the best ideas you can use for your next company retreat in San Jose.

1. The Great Guac Off™️ (Highly Rated)

Guacamole making competition

With The Great Guac Off, you can immerse your team in an extraordinary guacamole-themed party! During this memorable avocado experience, teams come together to enhance collaboration and communication.

Here is what to expect:

  • 90 minutes with a world-class host
  • engaging mini-games, avocado facts, and trivia
  • delicious guacamole ingredients and dippers
  • an optional secret ingredient to shake up the competition
  • a fast-paced guacamole-making competition and taste test

Best of all, we can bring all the needed materials to any venue of your choice. Additionally, you have the option to personalize the trivia questions specifically for your company. If you are looking for a team building experience that helps teams laugh and connect, then check out The Great Guac Off!

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

2. Field Day (Popular)

If you are looking for an experience that can help your team have fun in the sun, then check out Field Day! This experience is a great way for participants to boost teamwork and relationships.

Here is what you can expect:

  • 90 minutes guided by a world-class host
  • thrilling new competitions and nostalgic games
  • classic activities that spark great memories
  • chances to take memorable team pictures

To make planning simple, we will bring all the equipment to the venue of your choice. If you are looking to cultivate communication and teamwork, then check out Field Day!

Learn more about Field Day.

3. The Art of Storytelling (Staff Favorite)

With The Art of Storytelling, you can elevate your team’s narrative abilities. Using storytelling, teams can forge deeper connections with both colleagues and clients.

The Art of Storytelling includes the following:

  • a 120-minute session led by an expert storyteller host
  • effective methods to actively engage audiences
  • the five essential elements of an engaging story
  • dedicated time for participants to practice new techniques
  • in-depth feedback provided by the host

For a seamless experience, we will meet you at your chosen venue with all the necessary materials. To empower your staff to connect on a deeper level, add The Art of Storytelling to your team building roster!

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

4. The Garden Spa

The Garden Spa is one of the relaxing company retreat locations in San Jose. You will find the spa at Blossom Hill Valley’s center. From hot stone to Swedish and deep tissue massage, the wellness center offers luxurious services that relax and revitalize.

In hot stone therapy, you can experience an escape from stress or pain, achieved with warm oil, smooth stones, and flowing stroke techniques. Meanwhile, the deep tissue massage treatment can ease muscle tension, pain, and stress. Depending on the treatment you reserve, a session will take 30 to 90 minutes. You can add CBD oil, aromatherapy, and hot stone to your booking.

Learn more about The Garden Spa.

5. Raging Waters San Jose

Conveniently located at Lake Cunningham, Raging Waters San Jose is a water park and fun destination for corporate retreats. The park is home to attractions like Serpentine Slides, Endless River, Shotgun Falls, and Bombs Away. Your group can swim at the Activity Pool, climb cargo nets at Pirate’s Cove, and navigate down the 500 feet slide at Barracuda Blaster.

Your group will have a memorable time with the ride and slide experiences at Raging Waters San Jose. The park can host corporate groups having up to 2,000 members and offers exclusive access to Tiki Gardens. Additionally, you can reserve a private cabana with an occupancy capacity of eight guests and have catering arranged for your team.

Learn more about Raging Waters San Jose.

6. Evergreen Farmers’ Market

Whether you need items for a picnic or would love to take a morning stroll, Evergreen Farmers’ Market is a vibrant destination to explore during your corporate retreat. Local business owners showcase various products at the market, ranging from fresh farm produce to baked goods and cooked food.

The vendors include Angelicakes, Coastside Farm and Specialties, Cocola Bakery, All Honey Apiary, and Ra’oofs’ San Jose Bean Pies. Your group can also stop for grabs at Thai Street Food. Evergreen Farmers’ Market operates all year round, particularly on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Learn more about Evergreen Farmers’ Market.

7. Santa Clara Paintball

Playing elimination or capture the flag at Santa Clara Paintball is one of the corporate retreat ideas for big groups in San Jose. The center splits players into groups based on skill level and age. You can also request a private game or book an event outside the regular business hour if you prefer to play alone with your team.

Park admission, paintballs, masks, guns, and unrestricted air will be available for your group after booking. There are about ten playing fields at the location, with themes like urban town, box maze, and castle. Santa Clara Paintball is also a famous destination for playing laser tag. After your game, you can share a meal with your colleagues at a covered picnic area.

Learn more about Santa Clara Paintball.

8. EDscapade Games

EDscapade Games provides fun escape rooms in San Jose that will take your team to another world in 60 to 75 minutes. The escape room themes include:

  • Hostage: A serial killer kidnapped you and your friends. To survive, you have to pass the kidnapper’s test.
  • B.O.X: In this interactive room, your team will work together to close an interdimensional portal.
  • Nursery: Nursery is a paranormal-themed escape room where your team will embark on a mission to free trapped souls.

The escape rooms can accommodate five players on average. Also, you will play the game with your group members alone.

Learn more about EDscapade Games.

9. K Cafe Patisserie & Tea House

A tea party at K Cafe Patisserie & Tea House is one of the fun company retreat ideas in San Jose. The Asian-French cafe can cater to groups with up to 70 guests. K cafe is also a great spot to stop by for a full meal. If you do not intend to host a private event, then you do not have to make a reservation.

Furthermore, your group can decide to use the indoor or outdoor table based on availability. The venue has amazing decors and installations to explore or use as a picture background.

Learn more about K Cafe Patisserie & Tea House.

10. Japantown

Also called Nihonmachi, Japantown San Jose is one of the city’s funky neighborhoods situated north of San Jose’s City Hall. The community remains a favorite destination for many travelers and residents. You can explore the neighborhood’s food scene in Gombei Restaurant, Hukilau, Kumako Ramen, Sinceretea, and Happi House Teriyaki.

Additionally, you can appreciate community art at San Jose Taiko, Art Object Gallery, and Red Ladder Theatre Company. Japantown is home to The Get Down Dance Studio, which takes fun dance classes. Furthermore, you and your coworkers can learn how to play the ukulele at Ukulele Jams. Your time spent at Japantown will be worth all the fun.

Learn more about Japantown.

11. Axe Men Throw House

Axe Men Throw House provides facilities for playing a competitive ax or knife-throwing game with your group. At the start of your experience, axeperts will teach your group members how to throw safely. Then you can enjoy a self-guided ax-throwing session lasting one hour.

Axe Men Throw House will provide the needed equipment, from rental shoes to axes. However, you are free to come along with your favorite ax if the tool complies with WATL specifications. You can expect a safe and exhilarating experience as long as you abide by the rules.

Learn more about Axe Men Throw House.

12. Infuse Glass Studio

The corporate retreat ideas for small groups in San Jose include hosting a party at Infuse Glass Studio. The creative center can host groups of up to 12 guests. Your experience will run for almost three hours. Then you can return to the studio a week after your event to pick up your creation.

Infuse Glass Studio also hosts daily and weekly workshops where you can learn to make creative pieces like Ice Cream Bowl, sushi plates, and dipping bowls. In the Plate Making program, you can expand your knowledge on glass cutting, color theory, and firing schedules. Also, the “All That Shimmers” workshop focuses on the basics of fusing and extends over four weeks.

Learn more about Infuse Glass Studio.

13. Emerald Hills Golfland

Emerald Hills Golfland provides entertaining facilities for fun outings and retreats in San Jose. The park is home to two mini-golf courses, an arcade, and water slides. With the Excalibur Package, your group will get to play mini golf and arcade games in three hours. You can make a group reservation for a minimum of 15 guests.

You can include options like 40-point arcade cards, food, and drinks in your booking. Also, the center can tailor the event to suit your team’s needs. You will find a snack bar where you can order soft drinks, nachos, and pretzels.

Learn more about Emerald Hills Golfland.

14. Round 1 Eastridge

Having fun at Round 1 Eastridge is one of the best company retreat entertainment ideas in San Jose. Round 1 Eastridge is a multi-entertainment center with many attractions, including a bowling alley and arcade. You can reserve a karaoke session to sing your heart out with your colleagues.

The park also features facilities for playing ping pong, darts, and billiards. During your experience, you can order satisfying meals, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages from the menu. The pricing varies by activity and starts at around $5. Regardless of your skill level, you will have lots of fun exploring the exciting activities offered by Round 1 Eastridge.

Learn more about Round 1 Eastridge.

15. Almaden Quicksilver County Park

Almaden Quicksilver County Park is a landmark site in California, occupying over 4,000 acres. The park attracts hikers and bikers, threading the trails that measure over 35 miles. You can access the park from Mockingbird Hill, Hacienda, and Wood Road Entrance.

Almaden Quicksilver County Park is ideal for outdoor activities, from horseback riding to catch and release fishing. During spring, the park provides a beautiful display of native wildflowers. You can also have a picnic and use the tables scattered across different areas on the site. If you wish to learn more about the park’s history, then you can first explore the Almaden Silver Mining Museum within the park.

Learn more about Almaden Quicksilver County Park.

16. Coterie Winery

One of the fun team retreat ideas in San Jose is to host an event at Coterie Winery. Located near downtown San Jose, the company offers a nice collection of handcrafted wines and group tasting experiences. The winery provides food pairing options to add to your reservation.

You can book a Winemaker Event where experts will lead your group through the wine-making steps. Your booking will cover the venue fee, wines, food pairings, presentation items, and wine services. Also, the company can customize the package to fit your budget or extend the event to include a guided tasting.

Learn more about Coterie Winery.

17. Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House is a historic mansion in San Jose, once occupied by Wirt and Sarah Winchester. The mansion has more than 150 rooms, 47 fireplaces, two basements, and three elevators. You can reserve a mansion tour to explore the building’s architectural structure and spaces.

Although the tour is not wheelchair accessible, the location provides ADA tours, which include informative videos and self-guided walks around Sarah Winchester’s garden. The site features an escape room called “Houdini’s Spirited Escape.” In the game, your group will attempt to solve mysteries relating to the Winchester house. In addition, the destination is home to an ax-throwing range open to adult guests only.

Learn more about Winchester Mystery House.

18. Taste Buds Kitchen

Taste Buds Kitchen is a culinary school in San Jose providing fun classes for participants of all ages. The kitchen can accommodate groups with up to 30 members. Your cooking session will last around two hours.

You will choose your preferred menu and have private access to the kitchen. You can also extend the class to include the Chef’s Challenge, a contest where you and your colleagues compete to make the best version of the host’s recipes.

In addition, Taste Buds Kitchen offers adult cooking classes on a scheduled basis, with themes like Cooking with Beer, Julia’s Kitchen, and a Tour of Tuscany.

Learn more about Taste Buds Kitchen.

19. Beat The Lock Escape Room

Beat The Lock Escape Room is one of the fun company retreat locations in San Jose. You will find the escape room theater around the Santa Clara University Area. The rooms have entertaining plots that test how well your group can collaborate to crack the codes. For instance:

  • The Sound of Murder: Your mission is to solve the mystery behind a murder before you become the next victim.
  • The Spy Room: You and your friends got trapped while secretly entering your neighbor’s home. You must escape as soon as you can before your neighbor returns.
  • Secrets in the Attic: Use the available clues to inherit your Grandma Edna’s fortune before your greedy relatives arrive.

The allotted time for players to escape is one hour. The game provider designed the escape rooms to accommodate up to twelve players. Also, the game master will give several hints at your group’s request.

Learn more about Beat The Lock Escape Room.

20. The Studio Climbing

The Studio Climbing is a great retreat location for fun-seeking groups. You can locate the climbing facility in downtown San Jose. The Studio Climbing provides amenities like a weight room, cardio machines, lead climbs, top ropes, showers, and a sauna. Before you belay, you must pass a test conducted at the gym for free.

Your group can come together at the center for yoga, fitness, or climbing class. An instructor will teach your group in the one-hour lesson customized to match your specific goal. If you have over five group members, then you can book an Adult Intro to Climbing Event lasting 90 minutes.

Learn more about The Studio Climbing.

21. Solar4America Ice Rink

Skating at Solar4America Ice Rink is one of the corporate retreat ideas for big groups in San Jose. The indoor skating rink is home to the San Jose State University Spartans and serves as the training center for the NHL San Jose Sharks.

You can access the rink on most weekdays for a public skating session or adult drop-in hockey. The center provides a rental space that can accommodate about 500 guests. You can decorate the venue and do on-ice activities like curling, skating, and broomball. Also, the ice center offers learn-to-skate classes combined with a 30-minute practice session.

Learn more about Solar4America Ice Rink.

22. San Jose Museum of Art

Located in the city’s heart, the San Jose Museum of Art is home to over 2,500 contemporary and modern artworks from different parts of the world. You will find the works of renowned artists, including David Novros, Ninomiya Hakuryuu, Michael Kenna, and Rene de Guzman. The museum offers guided public tours on weekends and Sundays.

Group tours are available for a minimum of 15 guests. You can extend your visit to include art-crafting exercises in the galleries. You will find the needed supplies like papers, pencils, and clipboards at the entrance desk.

Learn more about the San Jose Museum of Art.

23. Coyote Valley RV Resort

Spending time at Coyote Valley RV Resort is among the best company retreat ideas in San Jose, CA. The resort ensures guests have a cozy experience by offering numerous services, from a fitness center to a clubhouse and a pet park.

You can access amenities like a fire pit, private patio, salt water pool, spa, and chemical-free lawns. You and your colleagues will receive free coffee each day of your stay. Your group can also reserve Golf Limo Service, which covers a ride to Coyote Creek Golf Club. In addition, Coyote Valley Resort provides a market where you can purchase basic supplies during your stay.

Learn more about Coyote Valley RV Resort.


San Jose is among California’s top destinations to host a corporate retreat. The city is home to various multicultural, historical, and artistic attractions and sites. Also, ever lively neighborhoods contribute to the city’s popularity. You will find highly rated entertainment in the city’s center, from wineries and museums to amusement parks and numerous dining areas. Additionally, your group can engage in outdoor activities at the Almaden Quicksilver County Park while learning about the site’s mining history. San Jose has all you need for a successful retreat: an amazing food scene, 257 days of sunshine, countless entertainment, and fantastic locations.

Next, check out San Jose team building ideas and corporate event ideas in San Jose.

FAQ: Company retreat ideas in San Jose

Here are answers to questions about company retreat Ideas in San Jose.

What are some good corporate retreat ideas in San Jose?

Some good corporate retreat ideas in San Jose include making wine at Coterie Winery, exploring the San Jose Museum of Art, playing laser tag at Santa Clara Paintball, cooking at Taste Buds Kitchen, and skating at Solar4America Ice Rink.

How do you plan a fun retreat in San Jose?

First, you need to set a date for the retreat and determine how long the event will last. You should give your group members enough time to prepare. Also, you should set the retreat objectives and pick the activities that best help achieve the goals. More importantly, you would want to prioritize certain factors like dietary restrictions, group size, and attendees with special needs.

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