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21 Company Retreat Ideas in Denver, CO

You found our list of company retreat ideas in Denver, Colorado.

Company retreat ideas in Denver are events that take workers offsite for an activity that focuses on accomplishing a specific goal. Retreats encourage participation and input from staff members. Examples include solving puzzles in an escape room, visiting a museum, bowling, or hanging out in a park. These events are useful tools for fostering upbeat and collaborative workplaces.

These ideas work as company retreat venues, group retreat activities, and executive retreat ideas. These experiences are similar to company outings in Denver and things to do with groups in Denver.

This article contains:

  • corporate retreat ideas for big groups in Denver
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  • company retreat entertainment ideas in Denver
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Here we go!

List of company retreat ideas in Denver

Colorado is full of creative energy and breathtaking scenery, from the Rocky Mountains to the Telluride Film Festival. You will not have to travel far to locate lovely indoor and outdoor locations for staff retreat activities in Denver.

1. Field Day (Top Choice)

Your team can challenge their mental and physical abilities with Field Day! This high-energy experience features outdoor activities that participants will love.

Field Day includes the following:

  • 90 minutes with a world-class host to guide you through each activity
  • engaging outdoor games and activities
  • fun team photos to share online or in-office
  • nostalgic activities that unlock participants’ inner child

Best of all, we will meet you at your chosen location with all the game equipment. Playing together is a great way for colleagues to unwind, let loose, and have fun. To boost teamwork and strategic thinking in a great setting, add Field Day to your next agenda.

Learn more about Field Day.

2. The Art of Storytelling (Popular)

With The Art of Storytelling workshop, you can enhance your team’s abilities and foster deeper connections.

Here is what you can expect:

  • 120 minutes with an expert storyteller host
  • techniques and strategies to engage audiences
  • valuable host feedback
  • the five elements of a captivating story
  • practice time for participants to hone their new skills

Additionally, we will bring all the necessary materials to your chosen venue. If you are looking for an experience that teaches your staff to share meaningful stories, then explore The Art of Storytelling.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

3. Espionage! (Staff Favorite)

espionage banner

Your team can put their wits and instincts to the test through this engaging game of social deduction! Espionage! is a 90-minute mission to uncover hidden spies and complete mission objectives.

Here is what you can expect during this experience:

  • a talented host to lead you through each activity
  • high-energy puzzles, challenges, and social deduction games
  • covert teams of spies and agents
  • high-stakes competition

We can host this mission at any location you choose, and we will provide all the necessary game materials. Teams can sharpen critical-thinking and communication skills with this engaging experience.

Learn more about Espionage!

4. Tiny Town

Just 30 minutes outside of Denver, Tiny Town is an attraction unlike any other! This pint-sized town features miniature buildings and a steam locomotive. Tiny Town began as a project by George Turner to entertain his young daughter. By 1924, the town contained 125 small buildings, like a grocery store, barber shop, and school. Turner even built two tiny lakes! Tiny Town experienced several floods and years of disrepair, but today, visitors can see over 90 restored and newly built mini-buildings. Guests can also take a ride on the site’s steam locomotive, which is small, of course. This spot is also great for picnics and sweet treats. Be sure to consider Tiny Town for a big day of bite-sized fun.

Learn more about Tiny Town.

5. Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave

Buffalo Bill is a household name, so folks may be interested in hearing his real history. Throughout his life, William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody went from a military man to a book character to a stage performer. Cody eventually formed his own show, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West. Cody traveled the world with a menagerie of wild animals and performers, who later became known as “cowboys.” Cody continued to perform and advocate for Native American rights until he died in Denver in 1917. A close friend, Johnny Baker, build the museum next to the gravesite.

Today, visitors can check out exhibit info like Buffalo Bill’s real story, why he chose Lookout Mountain as his burial site, and what his traveling show looked like. Aside from the museum, guests can check out other amenities. For instance, attendees can go picnicking, auto touring, or bison viewing. For a full Wild West experience, stop by this museum.

Learn more about the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave.

6. Denver Botanic Gardens

For a tranquil, relaxing walk or hike, the Denver Botanic Gardens is a top choice. The 24 acres of this lovely sanctuary are full of beautiful features, including gardens, lakes, and sculptures. The best sculptures are by the glass artist Dale Chihuly, including his massive, spiky red and yellow work named “Colorado.” The painter Deborah Butterfield also has exhibits, specifically her painting showing a horse with its skin peeled back.

Some unique gardens are Xeriscaped drought-resistant fields, the Mordecai Children’s Garden, and a Japanese garden. The Monet Pool, brimming with flowers, is another must-see. You can also visit the gift store to buy souvenirs to remember your time at the gardens.

Learn more about Denver Botanic Gardens.

7. The Broadmoor

Located just outside of Denver in the beautiful Colorado Springs, The Broadmoor is a place where the spirit of the West inspires new adventures. The location includes streams, canyons, and mountains stretching beyond seemingly infinite horizons. This vast property is great for corporate retreat ideas for big groups in Denver since it provides an escape from a hectic routine into a luxurious, timelessly elegant, and adventurous haven.

The 779 suites on the property are great for teams looking to relax after a long day in the heat. The resort offers many activities, including an 18-hole golf course, a luxury spa, fitness center, tennis courts, three swimming pools, and more than ten restaurants. Having your next business retreat in a secluded area will do wonders for team building, and the plethora of outdoor activities available will ensure everyone has a good time.

Learn more about The Broadmoor.

8. Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort

Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort is an ideal place for your company to escape the pace of modern life. The destination is just two and a half hours from Denver, near Nathrop, Colorado. Surrounded by soaring peaks, this luxurious mountain resort is a picture-perfect natural harbor with activities for adrenaline lovers and spa hounds alike.

You and your team can enjoy the spa-like bathrooms, high ceilings, and sleek contemporary fixtures. You can stay occupied from morning to night thanks to the resort’s many eating and meeting space choices and its tennis and basketball courts, hot springs, spa, and horseback riding.

Learn more about Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort.

9. Oxotic

You can enjoy convertible racecar rides without a trip to Disneyland. Oxotic is one of the top company retreat entertainment ideas in Denver. You and your team can journey into the canyons of Colorado in sports cars. You may take a short drive of 15 miles or a longer tour of 105 miles, passing through state and national parks with beautiful landscapes and elevation variations. As you take turns at numerous high-end sports vehicles wheel, a professional photographer will ride along in the lead car to capture the action. In addition, the Oxotic Event Center in Golden is a state-of-the-art venue perfect for hosting additional events for your team following your expedition.

Learn more about Oxotic.

10. Grandma’s House

This location has a food truck parked outside with a beer tap, making it one of the best company retreat locations in Denver. If you are looking for a venue for your next big team gathering, go no further than this Antique Row bar. The facility is big enough for 50 guests to sit comfortably, with a large lunch table to accommodate 12 folks, plus a sound system and an LCD projector. The venue also has a piano, a dry-erase board, and a 30-inch blackboard. Some of the activities available include ceramics painting and obscene cross-stitching. Beer comes in the classic jam jars reminiscent of the childhood classic, the Looney Tunes!

Learn more about Grandma’s House.

11. Unser Karting

Individuals that thrive on a rush would prefer this team retreat idea. Unser Karting, located to the north of the city, is a state-of-the-art go-kart racing complex with a restaurant and bar. Indoor and outdoor running tracks, billiards, ping pong tables, and drinks make this place an excellent location for corporate retreat ideas for small groups in Denver.

Learn more about Unser Karting.

12. Archery Games

For a high-energy game of archery dodgeball, your team should visit Archery Games in Arvada, Colorado. At the Archery Games arena, two teams can compete against each other with bows and foam-tipped arrows.

Like dodgeball, archery tag aims to remove an opponent from the game by tagging them with an arrow. Fortunately, the arrows do not cause bruises or painful scars. This activity offers a fantastic opportunity for team members to bond with one another.

Learn more about Archery Games.

13. GrowHaus

Denver is a progressive city. However, certain areas of the city remain “food deserts” since there are not enough affordable grocery shops. GrowHaus is a non-profit organization with a 20,000-square-foot greenhouse that grows fruits and vegetables for people of various socioeconomic backgrounds who otherwise would not have ready access to such items.

Your group may lend a hand with food preparation and produce box assembly in the “Growasis,” an indoor permaculture garden. If you are planning a retreat to Denver and want to do some good while gaining new knowledge and abilities, consider participating in this program.

Learn more about GrowHaus.

14. Colorado Mountain School

To have the United States’ most extensive mountain range nearby is a privilege not afforded to every team. The Colorado Mountain School offers guided tours of the Rocky Mountains. Skiing, rock climbing, and avalanche safety instruction are just some of the outdoor activities they provide. You can also request their “Pinnacle of Purpose” fundraising challenge. If you want to combine your outdoor experience with some classroom time or a night away from home, you can check out the school’s facilities in Estes Park.

Learn more about Colorado Mountain School.

15. Denver Graffiti Tour

One of the best ways to get to know Denver is to stroll around its neighborhoods. The Denver Graffiti Tour takes you to some of the city’s greatest street art and ends with a meal at the Denver Central Market in the trendy RiNo neighborhood. At least one guide will work with every 25 participants, with no more than 150 persons permitted on any private trip.

Learn more about Denver Graffiti Tour.

16. Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum is among the best places to visit in Colorado for museums and galleries. The museum is also the biggest. Located in the heart of the vibrant and creative Golden Triangle, the museum houses over 70,000 pieces by artists from all over the world, spread over two beautiful buildings. The location displays both permanent exhibits and seasonal, smart, and magnificent traveling fixtures. The building’s striking design creates an immediate impression, and once inside, art lovers and curious onlookers alike will find a wealth of fascinating exhibits and informative displays to explore.

Learn more about Denver Art Museum.

17. Red Rocks Amphitheatre

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre is one of the best places for team retreat ideas in Colorado. You and your team can enjoy live music and other forms of entertainment. The natural amphitheater shape, enhanced by the stunning surrounding red sandstone cliffs, has earned it a reputation as one of Colorado’s most beautiful places.

From spring through autumn, the amphitheater hosts various entertaining entertainment, including concerts and film screenings. Still, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre is one of those sights you can consider, even if live performances are not your thing.

Learn more about Red Rocks Amphitheater.

18. Coors Field

Coors Field is a top choice if you are searching for a family-friendly stadium in Denver. Many folks in Colorado enjoy their baseball club, the Colorado Rockies, and their home stadium, Coors Field, getting its name from the city’s signature drink. Coors Field spans 76 acres and has more than enough seats to accommodate 50,000 visitors. In the right field or first base sections, you can watch the game with a breathtaking backdrop, the Rocky Mountains.

Even during the off-season, you may take part in ground tours, giving you a fantastic look into the baseball industry. In a special interactive section, you may try your hand at video batting cages and fast pitches. Visiting Coors Field is one of the best retreat ideas in downtown Denver, whether to watch a game, eat some delicious concessions, or explore.

Learn more about Coors Field.

19. Adams Mystery Playhouse

Adams Mystery Playhouse has no equal in all of Colorado. The venue is a murder mystery dinner theater. You get to eat a sumptuous buffet meal while getting premium entertainment from talented actors who play amusing and charming comedic roles.

When the meal is over, the murder mystery begins! You and your team can participate in the search for clues while enjoying refreshments and other acts and, finally, take pleasure in the resolution of the baffling case. The winning team will get some fantastic prizes for their efforts. Adams Mystery House is an excellent choice if you are seeking some entertainment for your company retreat.

Learn more about Adams Mystery House.

20. Denver Zoo

In the decades after its 1890s debut, the Denver Zoo has become a regional favorite. Considered one of the most exciting Colorado tourist destinations, the zoo’s design was inspired by a Kenyan wildlife preserve. The Denver Zoo houses over 4000 animals.

Sprawling throughout City Park’s eight acres, the zoo has several habitats for fascinating species. Mammals, amphibians, insects, fish, and birds are all on display. It is better to visit around feeding times so that you may sit in on the informative talks given by the staff.

Giant Lego models of the roaming animals, photo safaris, and animatronic dinosaurs are all part of the special events at the park.

Learn more about Denver Zoo.

21. Denver Center for the Performing Arts

Whatever your taste in theater, the Denver Center for the Performing Arts is sure to have a production that suits your tastes, whether a traditional musical, a cabaret, or a cutting-edge drama. The cabaret-style Garner Galleria Theatre has only 200 seats, making it a great choice for those who want a closer connection to the stage and its artists.

The Buell theater in the DCPA’s arsenal can accommodate 2,800 people, making it perfect for larger performances that can convert your teammates to Broadway lovers.

Learn more about Denver Center for the Performing Arts.


The Mile High City is a popular retreat destination for residents and visitors. Your team will find plenty of suitable retreat activities in Denver. You should note that this list barely covers all the exciting opportunities available, but it offers you a place to begin your search.

Other than opting to take a business retreat, the most crucial choice you will have to make is the location. Where you choose for your retreat, in general, may significantly affect the success of your getaway.

Next, check out Denver team building activities and corporate events in Denver.

FAQ: Company retreat ideas in Denver, Colorado

Here are frequently asked questions about company retreat ideas in Denver.

What are some good company retreat ideas in Denver?

Some good company retreat ideas in Denver include visiting Grandma’s House, playing archery at Archery Games, go-karting in Unser Karting, and enjoying the tranquility of Denver Botanic Gardens.

How do you plan a fun team retreat in Denver, CO?

Since cooperation will be the overarching topic of your corporate retreat, it makes sense to plan it with the rest of your personnel. It is important to emphasize the value of teamwork and include everyone in the retreat preparation. Your attendance will allow you to spot innovative concepts and future leaders.

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